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At PensionCraft we don't tell you what to invest in, we just give you the skills, knowledge and tools to do it yourself.

We don't believe that you should have to pay high fees and give up your hard earned money needlessly.

Our mission is to help everyone to become better investors and save money.

If you want to find out how we do this then listen to my short video telling you how. 

Paul Warburton

Understanding and managing personal investments can be an extremely challenging task, particularly in periods of increased uncertainty in global stock markets.  I strongly recommend the DIY Asset Allocation Course for anyone wishing to set up a simple long term investment portfolio. The course is sufficiently detailed without being unnecessarily lengthy and, together with the one-to-one video sessions, is in my opinion extremely good value for money.

Paul , from Lancashire

Clemens Deimann

Ramin has a great way of distilling his highly sophisticated investor knowledge down to very practical and actionable advice. He enabled me to take an informed decision on building my portfolio and choosing a platform provider. I can highly recommend Ramin’s coaching to help you devise, refine and implement your investment strategy.

Clemens, B2B Marketing Strategist

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What kind of Investor are You?

Self Directed: I want to do it myself thank you very much

Validator: Want to manage my money, but need an occasional steer

 Avoider: Hate to, but have to, manage my money

Delegator: I want to pay someone to manage my money

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