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How To Invest During Recession
Global growth is slowing down and we've also seen the U.S yield curve invert which usually signals that we're going to get a recession in the coming year. What does that mean for investors and how can we position our portfolios during these periods of recession? It may not happen immediately but it's going to happen at some point, so it's good to know how to react.
Buy or Rent a House – Which is Best?
Is it better to buy or rent your house? The buy versus rent house decision is made more difficult because most of us think that renting is throwing money away. But if you buy a house you're throwing away interest payments on the mortgage interest and maintenance costs for the house plus the huge costs of purchasing and selling.
How I Invested 20k – Update for Q3 2019
Many of you asked me how I invest my own money, so in this blog I'm going to look at my own portfolio in quite a bit of detail. Do NOT copy my portfolio! The goal is for you to see my approach to investing then use it and adapt it to your own circumstances and beliefs. What is appropriate for me is almost certainly not appropriate for you.

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