Are you frustrated by poor return on your investments?

What kind of investor are you?

Delegator: I want to pay someone to manage my money

Avoider: Hate to, but have to, manage my money

Validator: Want to manage my money, but need an occasional steer

Self Directed: I want to do it myself thank you very much

Learn how to invest for the long-term.

We will help you:

  • ​Master asset allocation, a key driver of long-term returns
  • Avoid pitfalls (overconfidence, loss aversion, confirmation bias)
  • Learn how use macroeconomic data to inform your investments
  • Construct your own top-down view on the global economy
  • ​Learn the potential reward and risk of each asset type
  • Understand volatility, risk and diversification
  • Learn how to construct and manage a cross-asset portfolio
  • Avoid paying fees on your investments
  • Avoid investment scams

This email course will teach you the basics:

  • Use P/E ratios to find cheap shares
  • Compare share income with dividend yield
  • How bonds work and duration risk
  • How to calculate risk with volatility
  • How to reduce risk by diversification
  • How to find a broker and trade
  • What funds are and how to choose them
  • How to seek independent financial advice

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