Overconfidence Makes You Poorer
We are taught to be confident and decisive, but when it comes to investment this behavioural flaw is proven to be a highly significant drag on your wealth. We present the evidence for this startling fact and describe workarounds to avoid this pitfall.
Interview with Ryan Barrows of Vanguard UK
Vanguard has cut a swathe through the US fund management industry with its zealous approach to keeping costs for investors as low as possible. It now manages over $4 trillion dollars of funds in the US and in May 2017 it launched a low-cost platform selling directly to UK investors cutting out expensive intermediaries. In this interview, Ryan Barrows, Head of Business Development for Vanguard UK, describes the new ultra low-cost platform that allows investors to buy Vanguard funds, complete with ISAs, Junior ISAs and, soon, SIPPS.
Why We Underinvest
Most of us are not saving enough for retirement, and behavioural economics and cognitive biases give insight into why this might be the case. But how can we overcome these limitations to become better guardians of our own financial welfare?
Review of Fundsmith Equity Fund
Fundsmith's Equity fund has consistently beaten its benchmark and is attracting investors as a result. But can this outperformance continue? We doubt it.
Why Fees Matter
Compound interest works in your favour when you invest. Unfortunately, compounding also boosts fees such that an innocuous percentage builds up over time. You may be shocked at the long-term effects on return. We illustrate this with a simple example, give you a spreadsheet to play with and look at what you can do about it.
Review: Spare Change by Iona Bain
Most investment books make false promises about getting rich. Iona doesn't do that. She explains how you should shape your finances around your life goals and how to avoid behaviours that will stop you achieving those goals.
Interview with Dan Brocklebank head of Orbis UK
Orbis is an active fund manager with a difference. They have a radical performance-related fee structure. This aligns their incentives with your investment performance rather than the fixed fee on offer from most fund managers. If they consistently underperform their benchmark their fee won't cover their costs. Dan Brocklebank shares how they find the next generation of stock picking experts and how their fee structure works in practice.
Review of Orbis Access: Active Management With A Radical Fee Structure
Orbis Investment Management offers a performance related fee for the two global funds which they offer to UK investors. If Orbis underperforms they lose some income. How does it work, and are there any drawbacks?
Review of Vanguard UK ISA: Opening an Account
Vanguard offer a low-fee platform where you can hold their funds directly in an ISA. We take you through the process of opening an ISA account step-by-step looking at the fees and which funds they offer.
Interview with Richard Flax CIO of Robo Investor Moneyfarm
Hear Richard's explanation of Moneyfarm's vision and goals, how it keeps costs down, the process by which it builds its portfolios and where he sees investment opportunities at the moment.
Review of Vanguard LifeStrategy Funds
Vanguard LifeStrategy funds seem too good to be true: multi-asset, diversified, low-cost with a choice of five risk profiles. Is there a catch?
Which is the best Socially Responsible Investing ETF?
Are you looking for socially responsible investments? We review the cheapest funds.
Review of Wealthify Robo Investing: Opening an Account
Interested in opening an account with Wealthify? Preview the step-by-step process first...
What are the best free investment training courses?
Do you want to learn about investing? Which are the best free resources...
Are you scared of investing?
Are you scared of investing? Earning negative cash returns is far scarier. You may be surprised of the true risks...
What is the cheapest UK share tracker ETF?
Are you looking for the ETF that tracks the UK stock market most cheaply? We compare the largest funds on fees...
Review of STHS: Source PIMCO Short-Term High Yield ETF
A review of the high-income Source/PIMCO fund STHS: learn about its risks, why its volatility is so low, and how to find its current return.
Review of MoneyFarm Robo Investing: Opening an Account
In our survey of UK robo investors, MoneyFarm came out cheapest. We show you the step-by-step process of opening an account.
Problems choosing UK active funds
In S&P's 2017 SPIVA report UK active funds performed very poorly with 87% failing to beat the market. What should you do?
Which is the cheapest robo advisor in the UK?
Robo investment can provide a cheaper alternative to active funds. We compare the costs of the largest robo investors in the UK.
What is the best way to measure risk?
Knowing return is only half the story, risk matters too. But which measure is best: volatility, Value at Risk or drawdown?