Golden Butterfly Portfolio vs Pinwheel Portfolio – Which is Best?

Table of Contents Golden Butterfly PortfolioPinwheel PortfolioReturn DistributionComparing Distribution of ReturnsTime To $1 MillionDrawdowns – The Ulcer IndexComparing The Ulcer IndexLong Term ReturnsComparing Long Term ReturnsWithdrawal RatesIncreasing CapitalComparing Withdrawal RatesWhich portfolio is best?Join Our Live Q&A When you’re building your own portfolio, it’s really useful to have some examples you can look at. These are […]

How to Prevent Emotional Investing

Did you know the biggest threat to your investments is you?

Emotional investing is when you let your feelings get in the way of your decision making processes. You may believe you are making a rational well thought out decision but unconscious influences such as cognitive biases may be working against you.

What Are Stock Indices?

In this blog I look at what stock Indices are, why they are useful, how they are weighted and much more

How Much Does Financial Advice Cost?

cost of financial advice image

In our helpful blog we explain how much financial advice costs, what types of charges you can expect and list some ways you can save yourself money

Global Economic Outlook 2020

The economic outlook for 2020 is one of slowing global growth. In this blog we look at the central case for the global economy in 2020 and also at some of the most significant tail risks.

Vanguard SIPP Preview – A Game Changer

We finally have details on the Vanguard SIPP. In this Blog we look into Vanguard’s SIPPs in detail and interview Andrew Marker, Head of Retail Pensions from Vanguard UK and Mark Polson of The Lang Cat to hear what they have to say about the new offering.

Investing For Income

Investing for income is possible even in this environment of low interest rates. Income investing means that you have to take some risk with your capital to achieve these returns so it is important to understand the risks. In this blog we discuss current dividend yields and the risks involved.