What We Do

We provide a friendly, independent and affordable source of investment training for everyone, so you can have the confidence, knowledge & skills to become a successful investor.

Our mission is to help you learn how to invest so you can avoid making costly mistakes and paying high fees.

Our Offer

We have many members and clients from all over the world. Although we are based in the UK, as Ramin has worked in global investment research, geography is not an issue.

PensionCraft members have exclusive access to a large library of videos and other educational content. They can also take part in our regular Q&A calls and join our online chat forum to ask questions of Ramin and other members of our friendly community.

PensionCraft’s online courses enable you to learn at your own pace. They are clearly written and include video content that takes you step-by-step through everything you’ll need to learn.

Talk to Ramin one-to-one on Zoom and you’ll receive friendly and knowledgeable investment coaching that is tailored to meet your individual needs.

If you are interested in Investing then you’ll love our FREE weekly Market Roundup. It’s delivered straight to your inbox and is packed full of interesting insights and a roundup of the news that’s most relevant for investors

We have made literally hundreds of YouTube videos available for you to watch. The PensionCraft channel covers a diverse range of investing topics, so whether you’re an experienced investor or new to investing our channel will have something for you.

What We Don't Do

We are not financial advisors, we offer financial education to help people learn how to invest for themselves. We are not affiliated with any financial product or platforms which means all our reviews can be unbiased and our services are fee-based so that we can remain independent.

With PensionCraft there are no gimmicks, no hype, no get rich quick methods, just pure informed, honest and friendly investment education.

Who We Are

Ramin Nakisa

I worked in investment banking from 2001 to 2016. Before becoming a strategist I spent two years teaching finance in an investment bank, which I loved, and this helped me to learn how to explain finance in a non-mathematical way.

I have written two books about finance and investment: “A Financial Bestiary” which is meant for professional investors (fund managers and investment bank employees) and “Invest in Fear” which explains how to buy and sell volatility using exchange traded products.

I was born and grew up in Worcester where I attended King’s School, did a Physics degree and doctorate at Imperial College in London then postdoc research in neural network models of language acquisition in the Experimental Psychology Department at Oxford University.

I live in Amersham in Buckinghamshire. In the few hours when I’m not working on PensionCraft, I enjoy astronomy and gardening.

Laura Nankin

I started out my career primarily working for information technology companies as an analyst, trainer and marketer. In 2002 I moved into the government sector where I undertook a number of major transformational projects and managed large service areas including youth and adult education.

In 2018 I became an independent consultant and shortly after I was asked by PensionCraft to undertake some work for them. I was so inspired by the value and quality of what PensionCraft had to offer I decided to stay on and become a partner.