Asset Classes for Investors

Investors have to understand different asset classes. The upside, downside, risk and return is unique to each asset class. Building a portfolio is a process of creating a balance across asset classes. Learning about asset classes is the first step in mastering asset allocation which drives most of the return in your investments.

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What you'll Learn

On completion of this course, you will have learnt the difference between some of the main asset classes. Their pros and cons and what sort of risk and return they can bring to your portfolio. This course is a good place to start your investment journey as it is easy to understand and contains essential core learning.

Key Focus Areas

These will include:
  • Stocks & shares
  • Bonds and fixed income
  • Understanding Funds and what to look out for
  • Property Investment Funds/Real Estate Investments Trusts (REITS)

Course Breakdown

Through a mixture of videos and text Ramin will take you through the following content:
Module 1 – Shares
  • What is a share?
  • How do you make money with shares?
  • How to value a stock
  • Risk
Module 2- Bonds
  • What is a bond?
  • Bond cash flows
  • What’s the upside and downside?
  • How is a bond valued?
  • Bond risks
Module 3 – Funds
  • What is a fund?
  • What are active and passive funds?
  • How to read fund factsheets
  • Fees
  • Robo Advisers
Module 4 – Real Estate
  • What is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?
  • Upside, downside & risk
  • How are REITs valued?