Investment Navigation Through a Crisis

It’s hard to know what to do when investing during a financial crisis and it’s easy to make mistakes that end up costing you a fortune. So in this course, we give you the knowledge that will support you to avoid making costly mistakes and help you to understand how best to invest during this stressful time.

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What you'll Learn

This course will give you a fact-based understanding of what to expect during a financial crisis, so you can ensure your portfolio is crash ready and avoid investing mistakes going in, during and coming out of a crisis.

Key Focus Areas

These will include:
  • How assets respond during a crisis
  • How long do drawdown periods last?
  • How low can it go?
  • What signals a turnaround in the market?
  • Avoiding behavioural pitfalls
How different assets types respond to a crisis and the economy may respond, how long it can take to recover and how to avoid investing behavioural pitfalls both going in and coming out of a crisis.

Course Breakdown

The course will take you through the following:
Which Investments Are Safest?
  • Glossary of Assets
  • Cash
  • Developed Market Government Bonds
  • Gold
  • Commodities
  • Investment Grade Corporate Bonds
  • High Yield Corporate Bonds
  • Developed Market Equity
  • Emerging Market Equity
  • Risky and Safe Haven Assets
  • Volatility
  • Crash Protection
How Long Will This Last?
  • Vaccine Development
  • How Long Did Previous Pandemics Last?
  • Equity Bear Market Duration
  • Will A Credit Crisis Prolong The Recession?
What Will Signal A Turnaround?
  • US Employment
  • Purchasing Manager Indices
How Much Will Equity Prices Fall?
  • Price To Earnings Ratio
  • Forward Earnings
  • Trailing Earnings
  • Cyclically Adjusted Price To Earnings
  • Market Capitalisation To GDP
Don’t Sell Equity! Behavioural Pitfalls To Avoid
  • Don’t Sell After a Crash
  • Markets Always Recover
Will This Affect House Prices? Will We Get Inflation or Deflation & What Does That Mean? What Can We Learn From The Crisis?
  • Tempted To Sell?
  • Higher Return Means Higher Risk of Loss
  • Diversification Matters
  • Liquidity Matters
  • Leverage Amplifies Losses As Well As Gains
Frequently Asked Questions