Are the courses time limited?​

No, you can work through the courses at your own pace and revisit them at any time in the future.


List of Trackers included as part of our Premium Membership

Trackers Overview

The Trackers are a suite of 32 dynamic tracking tools and resources, designed to assist you in making well-informed investment decisions.

Savings & Retirement

How much can I accumulate for retirement and how long will it last me?

Trackers included are:

  • Drawdown Calculators
  • Monte Carlo: Saving Forecast
  • Monte Carlo: Drawdown Forecast
  • Backtest: Constant Real Income
  • Backtest: Vanguard Dynamic Withdrawal
  • Backtest: Guyton-Klinger Guardrails
  • Backtest: Bogleheads Variable Percentage Withdrawal

Stock Valuation

Is The Stock Market Expensive or Cheap Right Now?

Trackers included are:

  • Forward P/E
  • Shiller CAPE
  • Shiller Excess CAPE Yield

Macro Monitor

How Healthy Is The Economy?

Trackers included are:

  • US Jobs
  • US Inflation
  • US Recession
  • UK Gilt Yield Curve
  • UK Gilt Yield
  • UK Breakeven Rates
  • UK Inflation
  • UK Unemployment
  • Live Gilt Tracker

Fair Value

What is the fair value of an asset?

Trackers included are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Fed Funds
  • UK House Prices
  • US House Prices

Market Monitor

What is happening in global markets?

Trackers included are:

  • Income Heatmaps
  • Cross Asset Returns
  • Cross Asset Risk vs Return
  • Index Heatmaps
  • Credit Spreads
  • VIX Fear Index
  • Cheaper Fund
  • Copy Fund
How do I navigate the Dashboard to access my membership benefits?

You can find all your Premium membership benefits via your pensioncraft.com Dashboard with a direct link to your dashboard also available below:


Areas Of The Dashboard

The numbers are indicated in red on the dashboard image above.

 1) You can find all the latest video content listed at the top of the page under “What’s New?” You can use the links to take you directly to the posts. 2) We publish the date of the next member-only Q&A Zoom call here. The link to join the call will also appear here a couple of days before the next call is due.
3) If you click on “Your Membership Content Directory” button you will go to a list of all Ramin’s videos and explainers. You can search for specific topics either by typing a keyword or sorting by category or tags.  4) Any courses that came free with your membership or that you have bought separately through pensioncraft.com will be available by clicking on the button with the title of the course.
5) Clicking on the “Launch The Trackers” button will take you to Ramin’s trackers & tools. These include: Savings & Retirement, Stock Valuation, Macroeconomic, Fair Value & Market Monitor as the 5 main areas. Once you have chosen which main area you want to look at you will find an explanation and separate tabs for each topic underneath. 6) You can use the “Launch Slack” button to access the PensionCraft Slack chat forum as long as you have already created an account using the link that was sent to you when you joined.
7) If you would like to receive email notification as soon as Ramin produces new members-only video content you can sign up for this using this field. 


I am a Patreon member but I can’t log in to the website

The website and the Patreon memberships are run separately as we had no way of combining them. The website membership has all the same content as Patreon but it’s cheaper and also gives you access to some free courses and Ramin’s trackers and tools. If you are an existing Patreon member but would like to swap to the website membership then please contact us at support@pensioncraft.com

How do I upgrade/downgrade/cancel my membership? ​

You can change or cancel your membership at any time. To do this, first of all, make sure you are logged in then:

  • Once you are logged in you will see the Dashboard option appear in the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • Go to your Dashboard and scroll down the screen until you see the Manage Subscription button. Once you have chosen this you will see a list of any courses you have bought and your current membership subscription
  • Next to your membership subscription, you will see the options available to you these will include the options to change or cancel your plan.


If you change your membership or move from a monthly to annual subscription prices are prorated based on what you’ve already paid and how long you have had that membership.

How can I ask Ramin a question?

If you are a Premium member the best way to ask questions is through our Slack chat forum and you will find a button that gives you access to this on your dashboard.

Premium members can also ask questions during one of Ramin’s live members only Q&As. These are held every other Sunday and a link to join the call is posted in the Dashboard under the Upcoming Events section.

If you want to arrange a one to one zoom call with Ramin then you can find more information about that here Coaching

What is a Pensioncraft YouTube supporter?

Some people who don’t want membership benefits but do want to help support us financially choose to do this by joining the PensionCraft YouTube channel. 

YouTube supporters get a crown next to their name when they make comments on our videos or live streams on Youtube but they do not have access to any of the membership benefits available through this site. 

If you want to find out more about supporting us on YouTube here

Weekly Market Roundup

I no longer wish to receive the weekly market roundup what should I do?​

There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each market roundup email. If you use this link then you will be automatically unsubscribed.


Can Ramin provide financial advice? ​

Ramin is not a financial advisor, he is an investment coach. His aim is to support you to make better investment decisions, not tell you what to do. He won’t promote any products or platforms and the investments you choose are completely up to you.

Can I have someone else with me during the call? ​

Yes, Ramin often runs sessions for couples.

Can Ramin prepare a financial plan for me? ​

Ramin can help you in the decision-making process of making a financial plan, however, he can’t create a plan for you as that would be considered financial advice.

What do I need to prepare in advance?

You do not need to send Ramin anything but you may find it helpful to prepare a list of questions that you can refer to during the call to make sure you don’t forget anything.