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Answering these questions could help you avoid costly mistakes:

Ramin Nakisa

The benefits…

Tailored To Your Needs

I understand that every investor will have different needs and that’s why I tailor my Power Hours completely to the individual’s requirement. So whether you want to discuss your existing portfolio, gain the knowledge and skills to start investing, or simply have some specific questions you would like to ask me, a Power Hour will be a good choice for you.

Financial Coaching

I’ll help you understand investment better so that you can be prepared and informed when it comes to making your own investments.

I don’t offer advice so I won’t tell you what to buy or what to do with your money. That’s completely up to you.

How To Prepare

Get a list of questions together and we can go through them in detail during the hour.

Sign up for a Power Hour

You can pay and schedule a time that suits you here. This is built into my calendar so that you’ll know what times are free. The cost is £95 per hour.

Before you proceed, ensure you have read and agree to our terms of service

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