Power Hour with Ramin

Do you want to become a better investor?

Answering these questions could help you avoid costly mistakes:

  • I've heard of robo funds, how do they work?
  • I want to know how to diversify my investments
  • I want to understand the risks of investments
  • I want to understand how funds work
  • How do I keep fees low?
  • How does economic data affect my investments?
  • I read your book but want to know more about...

I won't give you investment advice

I'll give you the knowledge to judge for yourself​

It costs just £80!

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Clemens Deimann

 Clemens Deimann 

 B2B Marketing Strategist 

Ramin has a great way of distilling his highly sophisticated investor knowledge down to very practical and actionable advice. He enabled me to take an informed decision on building my portfolio and choosing a platform provider. I can highly recommend Ramin’s coaching to help you devise, refine and implement your investment strategy.

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