If you want your portfolio to have some equity crash protection or a regular source of income then bond funds may be what you need. This comprehensive yet easy to understand course will take you step by step through everything you need to know about bonds and help you decide which bond fund is right for you.

Who Is This Course Suitable For?

Suitable for beginners and those wishing to gain a better understanding of bonds and the bond funds that are available for both US and UK investors.

What You Will Learn

  • What the different types of bonds are and how they work
  • How bonds can provide you with an income
  • How bonds can provide crash protection for your portfolio
  • Duration risk and what it means in terms of risk and return
  • Credit ratings and how they affect the risk and return of your fund
  • How currency risk affects bond funds and their correlation to US stocks, and how to mitigate this risk with currency hedged funds.

The Course Also Provides You With

  • Access to a spreadsheet detailing the largest US and UK bond Exchange Traded Funds that trade in the UK or US 
  • Video reviews of the largest fund of each type: 
    • UK government bonds
    • US Treasury and MBS funds
    • Inflation-linked funds
    •  Emerging Market Bonds
    •  Investment Grade Corporate Bonds
    • High Yield Corporate Bonds

Course Aim

To provide you with an understanding of how bonds work, which bond funds are available and which bond fund best suits your investment goals.

Course Breakdown

Through video and text Ramin will take you through the following content:

Picture of contents of bond fund course