Power Hour

Power Hour with Ramin

Do you want to become a better investor?

Answering these questions could help you avoid costly mistakes:

  • I've heard of robo funds, how do they work?
  • I want to know how to diversify my investments
  • I want to understand the risks of investments
  • I want to understand how funds work
  • How do I keep fees low?
  • How does economic data affect my investments?
  • I read your book but want to know more about...

I won't give you investment advice

I'll give you the knowledge to judge for yourself​

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Clemens Deimann

 Clemens Deimann 

 B2B Marketing Strategist 

Ramin has a great way of distilling his highly sophisticated investor knowledge down to very practical and actionable advice. He enabled me to take an informed decision on building my portfolio and choosing a platform provider. I can highly recommend Ramin’s coaching to help you devise, refine and implement your investment strategy.

July 4, 2017

Investment coach, financial author and founder of PensionCraft. Ramin wants to share his knowledge of how to succeed in long-term investment by keeping fees low, understanding behavioural investment pitfalls, knowing how to read macroeconomic indicators and understanding and controlling risk.