Why Ramin Nakisa?

Ramin has been an inspirational educator throughout his career. From tutorials in cognitive science and neural networks for undergrads (with free tea!) in the Experimental Psychology department at Oxford University, through two-week derivative courses for traders at an investment bank, Ramin never fails to leave audiences knowing more and feeling good about themselves in the process.

Ramin loves to speak about:

  • Long-term investment via Asset Allocation with cheap exchange traded funds
  • Using robo-funds to manage your wealth
  • Death of the Alpha Cult, reasons for the demise of active asset management
  • How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are revolutionizing Wealth Management
  • How macroeconomic factors will shape future asset returns
  • How you can buy and sell volatility to make money as crises come and go

Investment training for your employees

Did you know that Ramin offers investment workshops for companies?  They can be delivered via zoom and tailored to your specific needs, these workshops will help your colleagues become savvy investors and avoid costly mistakes.

Ekstasy is a creative agency helping brands conceptualise and produce engaging content and interactive experiences. Here's what the CEO of Ekstasy, Mike Saraswat said after I gave a half-day investment workshop for his team: 

Mike Saraswat Training Tweet

Books and TV

Ramin has published two books in investment: "A Financial Bestiary" which is a handbook for people in the exciting world of investment banking and fund management (this has nine five star reviews on Amazon) and "Invest in Fear" which explains how to buy and sell volatility.

As a strategist Ramin was a frequent contributor on CNBC and Bloomberg TV. Click on the image to see him in action on Bloomberg:

Ramin Bloomberg Bio Box

Short Bio

Ramin founded PensionCraft in 2016 to teach people how to invest. He worked as an Asset Allocation strategist at an investment bank for six years advising pension funds, hedge funds and insurance companies how to invest. Previously he worked as a teacher in a Business University within an investment bank training sales, trading and ops people on stocks, bonds, swaps & derivatives. As an academic he has a first class degree in Physics and a doctorate in Biophysics from Imperial College in London.

Longer Bio

PensionCraft: Investment Education for everyone via social media and membership of our investment community.

Asset Allocation Strategist: Advised pension funds, hedge funds, insurance companies on the best investments given the macroeconomic and political state of the World.

Trainer in Business University: Taught employees and clients of an investment bank how assets work. The courses covered everything investors do and trade: shares, bonds, swaps, forwards, futures, calculating risk, options

Postdoc in Experimental Psychology, Oxford University: How do children learn language? I worked on neural network models of learning to see if I could simulate the mistakes that children make as they learn how to speak.

PhD in Biophysics, Imperial College, London: How do general anaesthetics work? I worked on a specific type of receptor in the brain called an Acetylcholine receptor, to see if we could identify one of the target sites for a commonly used general anaesthetic called isoflurane.

How much does it cost?

1 hour Investment Workshop Delivered via Zoom: from £300+VAT 

Half Day in workshop on Learning How to Invest: £500 – £1000+VAT

Full day workshop on Learning How to Invest: £1000 – £1500+VAT