Finding the Right Investment Platform

What Is an Investment Platform?An investment platform is a website that allows you to buy and sell investments and which holds them for you. You can get different levels of service from the cheapest do-it-yourself platforms to the most expensive platforms that select all your investments for you.It's worth making time to select the right […]

  • Knowledge Required: None, this is for those who are new to investment
  • Content
    • What is an investment platform?
    • What level of help do you need?
    • How much does it cost? We focus on ongoing costs, and describe the most popular platforms with links so you can check out the sites
    • What types of account are available?
    • Platform Directory
      • DIY platforms that give you full control
      • Do it for you platforms called Robo Advisers where you pay (more) for someone else to manage your investments
    • How to move between platforms if you want something better and/or cheaper and/or more appropriate for your needs

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April 18, 2018

Investment coach, financial author and founder of PensionCraft. Ramin wants to share his knowledge of how to succeed in long-term investment by keeping fees low, understanding behavioural investment pitfalls, knowing how to read macroeconomic indicators and understanding and controlling risk.