YouTube Video: Inflation 2022 – When Will Inflation Go Down?

Inflation 2022 – When Will Inflation Go Down?

In both the US and the UK we have seen a significant rise in inflation and many people want to know when will inflation stop rising?

The most recent December figures show that in the US inflation has surged to almost 7% with the UK not far behind at 5.1%. The Fed has announced it will be accelerating tapering and the Bank Of England has started to raise interest rates both to help reduce inflation.

In my latest video, I explain what’s behind this surge in prices and give you a projection for inflation in 2022 and beyond. This is based on a simple model that looks at what would happen to inflation if prices simply go back to their long term trend – you may be surprised to see how long it would take for inflation to come down!

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00:00 Introduction
00:33 Inflation In The U.S.
04:29 What If We Go Back to “Normal” Inflation?
06:17 Fiscal & Monetary Stimulus
07:45 Inflation In The U.K.
12:35 Conclusion

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