YouTube Video: Interview with Ryan Barrows of Vanguard UK

Interview with Ryan Barrows of Vanguard UK

Ramin interview with Ryan Barrows updates….
0:09 Vanguard Direct
1:20 Transparency of fees
2:00 No Management Fee above £250k
2:40 Vanguard Playpen: Vanguard funds only
6:18 No trading cost with aggregated trades
8:25 Education: Tutorials on Asset Allocation
11:41 Duration of the funds
13:45 Cooperative structure: Low cost, Simplicity and Transparency
15:35 Junior ISA
16:05 SIPP: Self Invested Personal Pension
18:35 Beautiful Website Design
19:25 Active vs. Passive
23:56 Style Funds

Full transcript here:

Interview with Ryan Barrows of Vanguard UK

Vanguard has cut a swathe through the US fund management industry with its zealous approach to keeping costs for investors as low as possible. It now manages over $4 trillion dollars of funds in the US and in May 2017 it launched a low-cost platform selling directly to UK investors cutting out expensive intermediaries.

In this interview, Ryan Barrows, Head of Business Development for Vanguard UK, describes the new ultra-low-cost platform that allows investors to buy Vanguard funds, complete with ISAs, Junior ISAs and, soon, SIPPS.

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