YouTube Video: Timing The Market Vs Dollar Cost Averaging (Drip Feeding)

Timing The Market Vs Dollar Cost Averaging (Drip Feeding)

When markets are volatile and we have a sharp selloff people get nervous, especially if they have a lump sum to invest. The reason for this is that they are scared of a market crash and as a result, they try to time the market by holding back money thinking that there will be a better entry point at some time in the future.

One way around this is to drip-feed/dollar cost average into the market over a period of time. But this begs the question: what is the most effective period of time to drip feed over? In my latest video, I look at the answer to this question. I also explain in what kind of environments dollar-cost averaging performs better than lump-sum investing and whether it is worthwhile doing it at the moment.

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