YouTube Video: Yield Farming – How To Yield Farm & What To Expect

Yield Farming – How To Yield Farm & What To Expect

The amount of income you can generate on your investments is very low at the moment and I think that’s part of the reason there has been so much interest in yield farming crypto.

So in this video, I explain what yield farming is and how to yield farm for yourself using different platforms such as Coinbase, Nexo and BlockFi. I also examine the difference between lending and staking crypto, what kind of yield you can realistically expect, how it’s paid and what sort of risks you could be taking on.

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00:00 Introduction
00:31 What is Yield Farming
03:23 How Much Can You Make?
05:58 How To Yield Farm – Staking on Coinbase
08:42 How To Yield Farm – Lending on BlockFi
10:16 How To Yield Farm – Lending on Nexo
12:04 How To Yield Farm – Celsius Said No!
12:30 What are the Risks?

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