What is the cheapest online broker? You can’t avoid the question because if you want to invest yourself you have to buy shares and bonds through an online broker. Your interests when choosing a broker are opposite to the interests of the broker. You should aim for the following:

Now your broker will want exactly the opposite. They want you to pay them high fees, want you to trade as often as possible, they want to sell you their mediocre watered-down research and data. So bear that in mind as you compare broker offerings.

Trading Costs

In the UK you will pay taxes and levies, usually on top of the broker trading fee:

You don’t pay SDRT when you sell a stock. Let’s say you buy £12,000 worth of stock you will pay:

If you’re selling £12,000 worth of stock you wouldn’t pay Stamp Duty Reserve Tax so this would only cost £9 to £13.

Online Broker Trading Charges

We’ve constructed this table on February 23, 2017. It may be out of date by the time you read it, but by clicking on the image icon on the right it will take you to the broker website fee page so you can check.  You can sort by any column. We don’t benefit financially in any way from these links so this is meant to be a resource to help you, not to generate revenue for us!

[table id=4 /]

*Average of purchase and selling price

**Minimum price charged per trade